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Second Lockdown

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Following yesterday's announcement Preston Road Community Centre is suspending the hire of the hall, therefore current training courses will be suspended after tonight's classes (Sunday 1st November 2020). We will contact current attendees, but at this time it is unclear if we will be able to resume training on 6th December, or whether a phased lifting of the restrictions will delay the re-opening further.

This lockdown will effect the next schedule course start date of 29th November. We will be retaining the contact details for everyone who was due to attend this course and offer them training in early 2021, despite their puppies being that much older.

Once training has resumed we will reschedule future courses and publish details on our website and facebook page. Once waiting lists are full we may stop taking applications, but at the current time we are still accepting puppy applications (Puppies will need to be 20 weeks or younger on 29th November so that all puppies attending are of a similar age.)

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