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What we do

Abingdon (Pet) Dog Training Club (ADTC) is a non-profit organisation serving the local community.  We adopt an atmosphere of stress free training for both the canine and handler with such flexibility within our modular training plan so as to cater for all levels of experience, breed types and minor behavioural issues.



Please contact us for any advice you may require with regard to acquisition of dogs, choosing the right breed, choices between acquiring a puppy or rehoming. You are most welcome to attend the club to view training and meet the training team prior to booking a course.


The life span of a dog is such that ownership can be years of stress and family disruption on one hand or a pleasurable and loving relationship on the other. Through correct and appropriate training and socialisation you and your pet are more likely to enjoy the experience of pet dog ownership and reap the benefits it offers.  We provide a range of services to help you and your dog get the most out of your relationship. We specialise in pet dog obedience, demonstrating training techniques and providing help and feedback during training to enable you to become your own dog’s trainer.


ADTC prides itself in its participation in The Kennel Club Good Citizen (Pet) Dog Training Scheme. The scheme provides a quality standard of training for pet dogs and owners, and incorporates many domestic obedience exercises, with over 481,000 certificates of achievement having been awarded to owners and their dogs that have successfully passed the scheme's tests. There are currently around 1,800 dog training clubs and other organisations around the country actively administering the scheme.


It provides a quality standard of training for pet dogs and owners and incorporates the requirements to attain responsible pet dog ownership. ADTC provides expert training utilizing appropriate methodology through life stages of puppy through adult and for the life of the pet dog and handler team as required.


​Our structured training plan is designed on a modular basis to facilitate the training of owners to become trainers of their own animals.  All the exercises from puppy foundation to the gold course are similar but at different levels of difficulty.  Training is progressive adhering to modern behavioural conditioning through the reinforcement of good behaviour whilst reducing instances of bad behaviour.


Pet dog owners of any fitness level or disability can take part.

The Scheme is non-competitive, and emphasis is placed on the standard of

achievement. There are 4 levels of courses from Puppy Foundation, to Bronze,

Silver and Gold Awards. 


If your dog has any issues (dog aggression, biting handler etc) we would rather you told us whilst applying for membership.  You may be invited for an assessment, where we can advise you on a course of action and ensure you can control your dog in a class environment as stated in our club rules.  Assessment does not guarantee membership, and if the issue is behavioural we may need you to receive one to one training or behaviourist help before joining a class. Often the issue is not as bad as you think, and we can work on it together in a class.

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